Clueless About Cold Weather Driving? Check out these Simple Winter Car Care Tips

Winter weather can create all sorts of problematic driving conditions. Between ice, snow, low visibility, and freezing temperatures, drivers have a lot to think about when on the road during the coldest part of the year. With these simple winter car care tips, though, there’s no reason you can’t drive with confidence all year long.


Consider swapping out your car’s existing blades with special winter wiper blades and remember to use cold-weather washer fluid that won’t freeze up when the temperature drops outside.


Before driving in freezing conditions, check your car’s tires for good tread depth and proper inflation. You should also think about installing a dedicated set of winter tires that perform better than all-season tires when the roads get cold.


Clean, flush out, and replenish antifreeze in your vehicle’s cooling system. This should be done routinely, but is particularly important in winter.

Wash and wax

Hit the car wash to keep your car in the best shape possible. While this may seem like a purely cosmetic concern, washing your vehicle and then applying a protective layer of wax is one of the best ways to protect your vehicle’s exterior from corrosive substances like salt, which is common on the road in winter.

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