How to Pack Light on a Road Trip

How to Pack Light | Moorefield, WV

When packing for a road trip, there’s a fine line between preparing and over-packing. Here are some helpful suggestions for how to pack light on your next excursion.

Check the weather

Consult the 10-day weather forecast for the regions you’ll be traveling through and in during your trip. This will help you narrow down which clothes to pack and which ones to leave in your closet.

Mix and match

Pack as few outfits as possible — and plan on doing a bit of laundry at some point during your stay. And pack clothing pieces that coordinate so you can mix and match them to change up your look.

Roll instead of fold

Folded clothes might fit well in your dresser at home, but for a suitcase, rolled clothes take up less room. Side bonus: Rolled clothes tend to wrinkle less during transportation than folded ones.

Items to leave at home

Maximize space when packing toiletries by leaving soap, shampoos, and conditioners at home when possible. Whether you’re staying at an Airbnb, a friend’s house, or a hotel, your place of lodging will likely supply these items.

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Drive-In Theatre Tips

The drive-in movie theatre is a classic summer activity for families, dates, or a night out with friends. But, if you’ve never been before you might not know what to expect. Use these drive-in theatre tips to ensure the best experience during your visit.

Call Ahead for Details

Before you head to your local drive-in, it’s a good idea to call ahead to get the scoop. Most drive-ins only take cash at the concessions or at the gate, which will be good to know. Thinking of bringing your dog? You’ll want to ask about that, too, since pet regulations differ depending on the theatre.

Arrive Early

Like regular movie theatres, the seating at drive-in theatres is on a first-come, first-serve basis, only the seats are in or around your vehicle. Get to the theatre early to ensure a good spot for your car.

Bring Entertainment

If you’re arriving early as recommended, be sure to bring a few things to keep everyone occupied before the movie starts. This could be books, Frisbees, or other outdoor games.

Bring Outside Gear

It’s perfectly okay to sit in your car for the duration of the movie, and if your car is comfortable you may prefer it. It is nice, however, to bring other seating options as well, like lawn chairs. If you plan to bring outside seats, you’ll also want to bring a portable radio so that you can tune into the station that’s playing the sound for the movie, and you may also want some blankets or pillows for added comfort.

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